Climate Change Adaptation in the Piura and Tumbes Regions of Peru (TACC)

The Down to Earth: Territorial Approach to Climate Change (TACC) is part of a partnership between the United Nations and sub-national governments for fostering climate friendly development at the sub-national level. This partnership is a collaborative effort involving UNDP, UNEP and eight associations of regions.

The TACC project will support the integration of climate change adaptation and mitigation measures into sustainable development planning and programming in developing countries by:

  1. Developing partnerships with UN and specialised agencies, national and sub-national governments, centres of excellence and regional technical institutions, and the private sector;
  2. Making available methodologies and tools for long-term climate change participatory planning to regions and cities and sharing best practices;
  3. Providing regions with information about climate change challenges and opportunities and technical and financial solutions;
  4. Providing technical support to up to 20 regions for the preparation of regional climate change plans, including identification of priority mitigation and adaptation measures; and
  5. Providing technical support to up to 20 regions to identify policy and financing instruments to implement priority climate change measures.

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Level of Intervention: 
Key Collaborators: 
Local Governments
Thematic Area: 
Infrastructure/Climate Change Risk Management
Implementing Agencies & Partnering Organizations: 
United Nations Development Programme (UNDP)
United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP)
Global Forum for Associations of Regions (FOGAR)
International Association of Francophone Regions (AIRF)
Assembly of European Regions (AER)
The Climate Group
Conference of Peripheral Maritime Regions (CPRM)
The Northern Forum
Network of Regions for Sustainable Development (NRG4SD)
Latin American Organization of Intermediary Governments (OLAGI)
Primary Beneficiaries: 
The beneficiaries of the Down to Earth TACC project are sub‐national authorities who seek technical assistance in understanding and responding to climate change.
Funding Source: 
Decentralized Cooperation
Project Status: 
Under Implementation